Other Sites You Should Visit

The Post College Blog – Pretty much the female version of Gator, with predictably more analysis of Toddlers and Tiaras and less references to light beer. Written exclusively by the fantastic Meredith Durkee.

Rooster Illusion – Wry movie reviews from an ex-student newspaper colleague of Gator’s writers, James Melville. His writing is much more readable than that of his great-great-grandfather Herman.

Cry of the Duck – The crazed hipster ramblings of another SLU grad living in Washington state. One of his hobbies is taking his cat for walks around the neighborhood on a leash.

Occupational Haphazard – Assorted, brilliantly written essays by fellow ex-SLUzer Prav Chatani.

A Second Set of Baby Steps – Another post college blog reminding us that it’s like learning to walk again after graduating college. Maybe it’s because you’ve drank so much for the past four years that you need to adjust to sobriety again. Or maybe you just like crashing through things with reckless abandon like a toddler drunk off breast milk in a china shop.

Reviews By Chris – Movie reviews by a man named Chris. Who wouldn’t trust a man with such snappy page layout?

The Young Professional’s Guide to Waiting – Only coincidentally is this blog ALSO from a recent college grad. This one deals with her current employment as a waitress. Read her often funny and sometimes introspective ramblings about what really happens behind the counter where your food is prepared. Also she talks about life and other weird stuff like that.

Let us know if you or someone you know should be featured! (It’s like winning an Oscar, or at least the next best thing.) Send us an email at GatorNeverPlays@gmail.com or drop us a line in the comment section. All of these sites are 100% confirmed to not play any shit.


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