About Gator

People often ask us, “What is Gator?” It’s a tough question to answer.

Gator is something inside all of us, the part that just doesn’t play any shit. You could also say that Gator is a lifestyle, the kind of lifestyle in which one flips off police officers, jumps out of moving cabs, has intimate relations with vast quantities of dubiously hygienic females, and refuses to get a job on the grounds that “it impedes my swag.” Like Will Ferrell’s Gator in The Other Guys, we’re gonna call it like we see it on this blog. If our girlfriend serves us food that tastes like a roasted dog’s asshole, by God, the Internet’s gonna hear that her food tastes like a roasted dog’s asshole. We never been about that.

Seriously though, we’re just five guys who like to write.

Also, here’s Taylor’s absolutely fantastic series of graphics titled “The Many Faces of Gator.” Part 3 is forthcoming.


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