Shows You Should Watch: Portlandia

By Zach

Portlandia’s pretty funny. Like most sketch comedy, it’s definitely hit-or-miss, but it’s still a damn good parody of the yuppiedom found in places like Portland and yes, my neighborhood, Park Slope. Also, I’ve long thought Fred Armisen to be subtly hilarious, and this is a much better medium for his talents than SNL.

I want a Bernese mountain dog. Maybe I’ll rescue one from a tsunami.

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3 thoughts on “Shows You Should Watch: Portlandia

  1. Anthony says:

    Ugh, I hate to disagree with you, but I actually can’t stand this show. I gave it a try on Netflix, I’ve seen a couple clips and I’ve done nothing but scowl angrily. Watching this show is worse than finding out my grass fed salmon was given alpha sprouts before it reached maturity, which everyone knows can give it indigestion and poor eating habits. This show makes me want to sell my fixie bike and move to a small suburban town with a price chopper where the organic food is found only in the “exotic” aisle, along with General Tso’s chicken and Mexican hot rice.

    • anudibranch says:

      Haha I think the show is brilliant but that it’s really hard to watch for a lot of Portlanders…it’s too real. šŸ™‚

      • Anthony says:

        Every time I see this show it’s as if my lentil and Brussels sprouts soup has just frozen in my ironic mustache. It’s worse than when my black frame glasses with fake lenses fog up while I’m drinking organic chi tea on the subway.

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