One Google Graphic You Probably Haven’t Seen

By Anthony

While I was frantically attempting to clear my Google history of all searches related to videos on PCP and meth, I stumbled upon this nifty little graphic. Thanks to the Google Overlords, they’ve graciously allowed me to embed it on Gator. I’d like to say Gator don’t play no shit, Gator jacked that shit ASAP, but then I’d be lying and you’d be seeing a 404 page soon, too. Anyway, it’s a representation of Google searches across the earth. Notice how pretty much no one uses Google in the mid-west, which might explain their affinity for Mormonism and Santorum, too. (No offense Mid-Westerners, there’s hope for you yet with the new burgeoning technological tools / weapons of mass destruction coming out soon. I’m talking about you, Google Goggles.) You can also see why Sarah Palin was allowed to exist for pretty much her whole life and why Canada is so weird.

*You have to use Google Chrome (of course) for the data to show up correctly.

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