The Most Important Thing You Need To Do Right Now

By Anthony

If you are like me, or like any number of pretty much ANYONE in the world, then you use Google to sometimes search stuff on the internet. You also, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, sometimes search things on Google that you wouldn’t want Grandma Gator to see.

Do yourself — and Grandma Gator — a favor. Go here:

If you’ve been ignoring the messages from Google about their changing privacy polices, that’s okay. I understand. But you cant ignore what you’ll see if you log in to Google history. It’s startling.

Thankfully you can delete it and pause it. No one needs to know about your searches for WWII-era dictatorship hentai and rose garden pruning (the kind that may or may not involve a Republican candidate’s namesake.)

Ignoring your browsing history might be like leaving a grocery bag full of porn in a taxi cab when your name starts with a B and ends with an arack Obama. To make matters worse, the guy getting in the cab after you is Bill Keller (The guy runs a paper you might have heard of.) Editor’s note: No, he doesn’t.

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One thought on “The Most Important Thing You Need To Do Right Now

  1. Meredith says:

    Anthony, learn how to hyperlink. For realz. I’m sure Brooke could show you.

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