The Heavier it Gets then the Heavier it Be

By Anthony

Brooke on a recent expedition to the Andes

The title on this post comes from something Brooke told me yesterday as she was packing a bag full of stuffed animals. As she crammed the eighth or so puppy inside the small clear plastic bag, she sang to herself  a series of epic tales about the adventures of her and her baby dolls and her animal friends. These songs didn’t make much sense, but they told of sailing seas, the lack of one baby’s mother, one puppy’s tendency to chew on furniture and something to do with high heels. As the bag reached capacity, she stopped and said very plainly out loud to herself, “the heavier it gets — the heavier it be.”

She also likes to tell knock-knock jokes, or at least some interpretations of them. They usually amount to the simple ones I’ve told her but with mixed up endings. Often she switches the punchline from ‘orange you glad I didn’t say banana‘ with the one ‘don’t cry it’s only a joke‘ line.

You can tell we’re related because of  the questionable grammar, poor syntax and awkward phrasing.

But the point is that I like the line. I think it’s a pretty good summation on the notion of weight and mass and the relation of those compared to one’s own strength. If gravity wasn’t already invented by Newton and his apples, I’m sure she would have done it soon with beanie baby puppies.

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One thought on “The Heavier it Gets then the Heavier it Be

  1. Zach says:

    The chances that Brooke’s “bag of stuffed animals” is in fact a bag of coal, and her “playroom” is in reality one of the many profitable coal mines in the Amsterdam, New York region, are about 150 percent.

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