A Measure Of Our Misogyny

By Anthony

A friend of mine sent me a text the other day. Out of the blue she asked, “Is Gator sexist?” Then she wished me a happy Valentine’s day. I responded immediately, “Yes.”

But I let it stew a minute and then I texted again, “Well maybe only sometimes.” She said that she mentions it only because we never have female contributors.  Which is true.

But I also suspect that she notices a heavy-handed male influence and perspective in our subjects, metaphors and within the allusions we draw. I’m thinking specifically about Zach’s recent thrashing of female comics. There was also a post from our oft contributor Ruairi about spanking women in public when they get out of line. I censored this post, though. I felt that Gator, as a burgeoning new site on the cusp of world domination, shouldn’t alienate the 51% so quickly. I admit that I am even guilty myself. I alluded to terrible writing in a popular, professional feminist blog. To be honest, the blog probably has more daily views then we may ever see in a lifetime.

Gator is rumored to be a direct descendant of the club founders

Our writing is mostly comical, hopefully entertaining and sometimes interesting. It is 100% male generated at this time, with exception to the comments, but I’m loathe to call it 100% male orientated.

Radical feminists, though I would not want to speak for them, would certainly agree that we are a collective of women-haters, I think.

Liberal college students with not enough homework and too much drive to stir controversy might also be offended.

But I hope the progressive individuals out there can see that we’re just some post grad dudes with hard hitting commentary. We just happen to take a crack at Eve and her descendents sometimes.

Is sexism funny or tolerable? Or only tolerable when funny? Is it different than race jokes? Or jokes about rape? Should I have left Ruairi’s post on spanking up?

Women of the Internet, heed our call. Send us feedback! We’d love to  hear from you. So long as you make us a sandwich first.

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One thought on “A Measure Of Our Misogyny

  1. Zach says:

    Obviously a blog with five guys writing for it is gonna have more patriarchal language and male-dominated viewpoints than, say, Jezebel. I wouldn’t sweat it.

    As for the cat ladies post, I was merely going after those particular comedians. There are a lot of funny women and a lot of bad male comedians out there. I love Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey, and I think Kevin James should be taken out into the woods on the pretense of a hike and casually pushed into a mine shaft. I don’t think I’m particularly sexist, but that’s probably not for someone of my gender to decide.

    My point is: Criticism of certain members of a disenfranchised group doesn’t equate to bigotry. That’s why the Tea Partiers sneakily go after Obama for “not being American enough” when we all know they mean “not white enough.”

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