Prediction: Someone’s Gonna Make a “Shit Jeremy Lin Fans Say” Video Really Soon

By Zach

…And it will get millions of hits. Linsanity has been ridiculous on a number of levels. There’s the basic athletic unlikelihood of Lin’s accomplishments these last six games, the shock of the sports establishment at a nobody coming off the end of the bench and upstaging names like Kobe Bryant and Deron Williams. Then there’s the media frenzy surrounding Lin, the adoration on Twitter and the sudden, previously tenuous connection between the Asian-American population and the NBA.

Also, the puns. The awful, eye-goungingly bad puns. Puns so bad they make you want to jump in front of a subway car, puns that make you wish your mother had been a frequent flier at Planned Parenthood in the eighties.

Too far? Probably. Still, it’s shocking that no one’s thrown up a video combining two of the most cliched yet persistent Internet phenomenons right now. It’d be so easy to do. Just have alternating shots of bros in their living rooms and bars saying things like “I am Lincoherent right now” and “The Knicks are playing with so much Lintensity right now.” My favorite Lin pun referred to the minutes that Bibby’s on the court in Lin’s place – the “Gruesome Linterlude.” Or maybe it was “The Disappointing Linterlude,” or something like that. I saw it on some NBA writer’s  Twitter. Anyway, this video would be super easy to produce and require minimal wit and creativity. Which is maybe why the Shit ___ Says meme has exploded like it has.

I think the over/under on this video appearing is 4 days, and I would take the under.




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2 thoughts on “Prediction: Someone’s Gonna Make a “Shit Jeremy Lin Fans Say” Video Really Soon

  1. Anthony says:

    This is our 100th post! Just in case you were all wondering. That number came upon us quick. Like a true Linja!

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