Re: My biggest pet peeve and things that irk me

By Anthony

It seems that we’ve devolved to the very lowest form of internet literature here at Gator, I suppose it’s only natural. It’s kind of like the progression of any greatness. We flew to close to the sun, perhaps. Though the sun that burned our wings was a little less poignant and a little more pungent. I’m speaking about the previous entries from my fellow cohorts on the things that annoy them.

For one of our eloquent cynics, he dares brave the unthinkable and pushes new boundaries in literature and modern human thought by admitting to the world that his pet peeve is traffic. I , too, might breach the borders of society and say next that my pet peeve is the Ebola virus or child slavery or animal extinction. Now, I do not expect you all to agree with me,
I know these are small things but they happen to annoy me and I would like it if you all know this. Since we’re on the subject, other pet peeves of mine include Malaria, cars with inadequate cup-holding devices, people who chew potato chips, puppies, people who wear Bluetooth headsets in their ear, coffee mugs with really thick rims, Firefox and Itunes updates, haircuts from the 90s and the straws at McDonald’s that are really wide.

Moving on, the other quibiling caviler raises an objection to the many foul things one might find while enjoying the fine mass transport that snakes its way under out great city. As a regular strap hanger myself, one might hear me loudly complaining about the subway and all it’s shortfalls. I even made a post about the L ‘bane-of-my-existence’ Train. Since Zach dared push the envelope that much farther by citing specific details that made his commute especially annoying, I thought I, too, would share some. On the L ‘bane-of-my-existence’ train (let’s call it the LbmeT, for short) one might encounter any number of peculiar beings sharing the car with you, begging you for money, entertaining you with dance or song, and/or jerking off to you. (I dare you not to click that link. If you already did, I’m sorry.)

Anyway, if we’re going to be talking about things that annoy us, we might as well bring up the ultimate pet peeve, death and taxes. Which are the only certain things in this world, according to that old turkey Ben Franklin.

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One thought on “Re: My biggest pet peeve and things that irk me

  1. Zach says:

    Another trivial thing that annoys me is easy to avoid, it is the comma splice, all you have to do is use a period, if you do that there’s no comma splice, it’s that simple, I wish people would learn this.

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