A Three-Year-Old Phone Call

An older photo of Brooke. From when I suspect today's story took place,

By Anthony (on behalf of Brooke)

I’m posting this because Brooke is too busy researching nuclear physics with the particle accelerators in Sweden to be concerned with such “trivial blogging.” But I thought I’d share a few gems from the brief conversation her and I had this morning between her back-to-back meetings with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the President of the United States.

She told me about this one time she was having breakfast on the yard. She talked about sitting at the table having juice when, to her dread, from the grass came a giant snake. She assured me this was a mean snake. She said she knew because it had red eyes. Naturally, red eyes are always a good indication of malicious intent, she said.

Anyway, the menacing reptile drew closer and she admitted to being somewhat scared, but only briefly. At that precise moment, her lion friend leapt from somewhere in hiding to pounce on the snake and roar loudly. The snake, who turned out to only be a baby, left scared and so did the mommy snake, who was apparently waiting in tow, just in case.

She told me this while acting it all out, complete with sound effects and her thought process as this whole scenario played out. She couldn’t specify exactly when this all took place. Judging by the characters, though, I imagine it was when she was in South Africa developing a cure for malaria.

She also told me two knock knock jokes, to which she decided to add her own flair. She started with the knock knock joke where you get the person to say boohoo. Instead of her saying, “don’t cry, it’s only a joke,” at the end, she instead asked if I was glad she didn’t say “orange.” Then she followed up with the one where she repeats orange several times but finished by telling me not to cry. “It’s only a joke,” she assured me.

As I mentioned in her brief introduction a few posts ago, I’m amazed at her ability to create these stories and characters in her head. Her presentation, too, is first rate and she’s a regular story teller. I can only imagine that the lion vs. snake story is an amalgamation of the book RikkiTikki Tavi, the one about a mongoose who saves his family from a nest of deadly cobras, and also maybe the Lion King.

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3 thoughts on “A Three-Year-Old Phone Call

  1. Jimmy Stew says:

    brooke must be a learned doctor

  2. Clara says:

    I love this. I made fast friends once with an 8-year-old who had just been completely uprooted from her comfortable middle-class Midwestern childhood and spent an entire family dinner telling me stories about boneless elephants and outcast mosquitoes. Both of us were dying of laughter the whole time but the glaring subtext was “I feel totally lost and I don’t know how to handle this really strange situation.” I really just can’t get over the way both she and Brooke react to experiences via some sort of imaginative reconstruction.

    • Clara,

      Wow! Thanks for an enlightened opinion. This makes great sense. I’m sure, as you can imagine, Brooke has been experiencing sort of an uprooted lifestyle — it’s really all she’s known. I think you’re onto something, though, and I hope that we can help her nurture her creativity and help her not fear the situation

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