Differences Between My Life and Young Jeezy’s

Prodigious blogger, or rap star Young Jeezy? We'll let you decide.

By Zach

Young Jeezy – Used to deal crack in Atlanta.

Zach – Once set up a lemonade stand, but soon realized that traffic on his idyllic gravel road in New Hampshire was too slow to maximize profits.

Young Jeezy – Is from the trap.

Zach – Is from a place with a lot of bear traps. (Come to think of it, is trapping still a socially acceptable form of hunting? I tend to doubt it, but I honestly don’t know the answer.)

Young Jeezy – Had beef with fellow rapper Gucci Mane, and once rapped in a song: “What type of real nigga name himself after a bag?/Nigga you’s a hoe, a Louis Vuitton fag”

Zach – Made a rap video a couple years ago for a Danish politics class, and by all accounts TOOK DOWN Danish prime minister Lars Rasmussen.

Young Jeezy – Has diamonds in his chain.

Zach – Wore one of those leather-hemp-ish necklaces he got in the Caribbean for about six months when he was like 13 or 14, and then decided that jewelry was kind of stupid.

Young Jeezy – Puts on for his city.

Zach – Calls his mom AT LEAST once every two weeks.

Young Jeezy – Is a soul survivor.

Zach – Is not sure what that means.

Young Jeezy – Is African-American.

Zach – Is really, really, like REALLY white. He’s wearing a button down under a sweater as he types this. Admittedly, he does sometimes speak in the third person.

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3 thoughts on “Differences Between My Life and Young Jeezy’s

  1. Meredith says:

    So… and correct me if I’m wrong… but you have nothing in common.
    Is that about correct?

    • Zach says:

      In a word, yes. But I plan on redeeming myself in a pending “Similarities Between My Life and Shaquille O’Neal’s” post.

  2. Jimmy Stew says:

    hahaha i wanna meet this zach kid as I am also really. really, like really white…good post bro!

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