Italian Cruise Ship Captain Says He “Tripped” Into a Lifeboat

By Zach

So the latest from the coast of Italy is that the Costa Concordia’s captain, who is being held by Italian authorities for abandoning his ship before everyone was evacuated, didn’t mean to abandon his post – he tripped off the ship and into a lifeboat.

His full quote: “I didn’t even have a life jacket because I had given it to one of the passengers. I was trying to get people to get into the boats in an orderly fashion. Suddenly, since the ship was at a 60-70° angle, I tripped and I ended up in one of the boats. That’s how I found myself in the lifeboat.”

Good enough for me. Now let the man go! Actually, now that I’m considering the state of the Italian justice system, they probably will.

Anyway, it’s too bad Monica Lewinsky didn’t think of this excuse.

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