Gator [censored] is behind [censored] and [censored] to [censored] SOPA

By Anthony

I thought that we here at gator, all of us here, felt strongly about current events and didn’t take ANY shit. I feel a little violated by my co-author’s post about SOPA. I may not be able to mention his name. Except that it starts with Z and ends with ach. I’ve been reading as much as I can about SOPA, and I can’t read, so that’s not much. But I must say, what I’ve heard and what’s been read to me has been quite negative. I cant think of a positive thing to say about SOPA.

In the simplest terms, SOPA is an act in Congress about online privacy that essentially limits freedom of speech by permitting bans on websites for simple grievances by any party connected, no matter how distant.

I feel strongly about it and want to toss in my support with the others in standing up against SOPA and this is why I am participating in the black out. At least to my own limits, considering I can code about as good as I read and have little or no sway over the decisions at WordPress HQ, even though I’m still flying their colors. On top of it, Mr. Rhymes with Back Honk fully supports SOPA like the ignorant communist Red he is.

Consider this my attempt at the black out.

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