The Best Whitest Kids U Know Skits

By Zach

The Whitest Kids U Know, a sketch comedy troupe out of New York, have had some pretty inspired, if often hugely inappropriate, ideas for skits.

A Gallon of PCP: My friends and I quoted this video throughout college. Works for everything. “Do you…like…wine?” Got a gallon!

Also, I’ve discovered that you can follow up any dubious claim by saying “Science” with a definitive, knowledgeable air and get away with it.

The Grapist: This one I couldn’t quote throughout college because girls would have run screaming in the opposite direction, and also because rape isn’t funny, but c’mon, this is absurd enough to be pretty funny.

Hitler Rap: It starts slowly, and the hook kinda sucks, but there’s some absolutely brilliant wordplay in a couple of the verses – “There’s a party up at Schindlers and I’m on his ‘A-list!'”, for example. They also rhyme “Panzer tank” with “my bitch Anne Frank” in one of the more offensive lines I’ve ever heard.

Sniper Business: Some of WKUK’s best work is when they just go literal to the max. This is a great parody of aggressive business maneuvering.

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One thought on “The Best Whitest Kids U Know Skits

  1. […] now if you haven’t been consuming copious amounts of liquid PCP , you will remember the woman who was killed in a horrific elevator accident. (If you’ve […]

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