Is Rick Really A Boss? Do We Care?

By Anthony Martin

There’s a story on Slate today about Rick Ross’ past as a not so thug corrections officer in South Florida. Whoa, wait. So I’m to believe that the self proclaimed crime kingpin who made his millions selling drugs and hustling was actually a correction officer?! No way.

Or is Officer Ricky, as 50 calls him, actually nothing but a self proclaimed kingpin? Emphasis on the self-proclaimed part.

Whatever he is or is not, and whether he was working for the judicial system or not (he has since admitted it) the point of the story on slate is do we care?

Does a rapper’s cred still matter? Do they still need to be hardcore? This is an ongoing discussion. MC’s like Drake and Kanye are obviously not fooling anyone, though they’re not even trying. I’ll paraphrase Drake here on Nick Minaj: he says that he’s glad that youth have some positive role models to look up to.

As hip hop becomes more mainstream, the average listener hears the music and responds if they like it. The extra game on the side is just that, extra game. The roots of the genre originated on the street, and cred on the street was necessary for any success. I’m curious, all six of you readers, what do you think? I’m not going to stop listening to Rick because he wore a badge before he wore chains.  But I think he shouldn’t have tried to hide it. Thoughts?

Anyway, Slate recomended ‘Mafia Music’ and I agree. I won’t post the official video because I hate Vimeo and I hate censored music, and Gator ain’t about either, but you can listen here.

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