Possibly the Most Impressive Resume I’ve Ever Seen

By Zach

So after adding a new Gator writer the other day, the great Georges Ruairi Minne, we thought our staff was potentially complete. Well, Taylor Woodward sure proved us wrong:

For our readers over 60 who may have poor eyesight, click on the image for a slightly bigger picture.

That’s just a fantastic resume. Lord knows how this man hasn’t been hired by Google, Facebook, or the CIA, but all I know is he’s hired. Taylor, right now you’re probably rappelling out of the Iranian embassy (EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN’T EXIST!) or riding a bear jubilantly through the streets of Pyongyang, but when you get done with that, give us a call.


One thought on “Possibly the Most Impressive Resume I’ve Ever Seen

  1. I’m disappointed I wasn’t even considered for a position with your highly esteemed beacon of knowledge… Especially for a woman’s POV… or just a highly sarcastic nerd who knows a lot of random information about everything and kept you two knuckleheads from getting yourselves thrown out of school.

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