A Message to Readers

By Anthony Martin

I’m looking at our little site here, carved out on the best piece of property the internet has to offer and I’m thinking about all you folks looking at it, too. We’re new here, if you can’t tell. We’re like just hatched little baby gators, clambering to life as we claw and thrash our way into the new world the only way a gator knows how, by not giving a shit. But the only way a little baby gator can grow into an 800 pound killing machine bursting with raw power, is with help from its friends. Well that and consuming hundreds of pounds of raw flesh. But thats where you all come in, our readers. Not the hundreds of pounds, although to the American freshwater crocodile you might be perfect for that much. We need your advice, feedback and support. Comment on posts or just message us on twitter or facebook. Tell us what you like, what you want to see more of and what you want to see flushed like whatever Lindsay Lohan is throwing up on Sunday morning. Tell us if we’re playing like Tebow or actually playing like Tebow with thanks to the Lord. If our blog looks like a roasted dog’s asshole, then by god let us know. Gator ain’t never been about that. You shouldn’t either.


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