Knicks – Sixers Game


By Zach

They just interviewed Tracy Morgan at MSG. Apparently his life goal is to locate the Sasquatch.

Morning Update: Final score, Knicks 85 Sixers 79. Great result for the up-and-down Knicks, who despite their impressive frontcourt have one of the worst backcourts in the league. It’s been said many times, but they are in DESPERATE need of a point guard. Shumpert had a good game but he’s obviously not the solution; it’s going to be really interesting to see if the MSG crowd gets Baron Davis motivated. If it does, and he does, the Knicks could be a really dangerous team. I still think they have odd-fitting pieces, and that Chandler will eventually be looked back upon as someone who was signed at the absolute peak of his value when other options were available (this New York sports media buzz about his signing being “the final piece” is ridiculous), but the Knicks might (MIGHT) be tough to beat in the playoffs because of one player: yes, Carmelo.

Andre Iguodola, who had a couple of monstrous dunks in this game, is probably the second-best defensive small forward in the league after LeBron. And Carmelo scored with absolute ease against him. I wasn’t a fan of most of the shots Melo took, which included a ton of contested jumpers, but he had a good, not legendary game last night and was still absolutely unstoppable on offense. Iguodola had a hand in his face for most of his shots, and it didn’t matter. It might be unsustainable offense that often completely ignores Amare, but it’s really impressive nevertheless. Here’s hoping that if the Celtics play the Knicks in the playoffs, someone not named Sasha Vujacic will be guarding Melo.


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