Considering the Caucus

McMillan responds to the news that living in the White House is rent-free.

By Anthony Martin

Considering the recent results of the Iowa Caucus, and then ignoring them, I’d like to draw attention to a lesser known candidate in the 2012 Presidential race — Jimmy McMillan.

The epically mustachioed dark horse has the potential to go all the way. His sights are set on Obama and as a self-proclaimed karate expert, Vietnam vet, and resident of Brooklyn, those sights are calculated, unforgiving and potentially lethal in a campaigning context. According to Wikipedia(we can cite that now because we are not in college anymore), he is the founder of the “Rent is too damn high” Party. That’s a party I can really get behind these days.

Earlier campaigns of his, notably his run for NYC mayor in 1993, saw him climb the Brooklyn Bridge in an attempt to get media coverage. One year later he ran for governor of New York and traveled from Brooklyn to the far west city of Buffalo. On foot. While staying in homeless shelters. I’m not even mad, I’m impressed.

One of the largest questions the GOP is asking itself is, ‘Who can beat Obama?’ Well I think we have an answer. If the stache didn’t clue you in, this man’s exploits surely must convince you of his unbridled campaigning powers. Look for McMillan in a late Q2 come from behind. I’d bet my unshaven upper lip on it.


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