And Now, On a Lighter Note, My Five Favorite Lesser-Known Digital Shorts

By Zach

If I could be anyone on earth, real people only (this rules you out, Jack Donaghy), it’d probably be Andy Samberg. We both have the goofy white persona thing going for us; Andy just happens to also have an endless array of hot women and celebrities at his disposal along with the ability to do whatever he likes with an HD camera and broadcast it on national television every week.

Yeah, I’m a big Samberg/Lonely Island fan. So without further ado, here are my five favorite lesser-known Digital Shorts. Everyone’s seen I’m On a Boat and I Just Had Sex, and rightfully so because they’re downright hilarious, but these guys have done some pretty brilliant shorts that didn’t get passed around the Internet quite as much.

5) United Way

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I don’t like the Manning family (although Eli bugs me more than Peyton, who’s actually a good quarterback), but Peyton was surprisingly funny in this skit. Some things, little kids getting pelted in the head by footballs, for example, will always elicit my laughter.

4) Business Meeting

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One of the more irreverent shorts, Business Meeting descends into absurdity faster than Andy lasts eating a grape. I enjoyed the Chief Big Cloud switch (I see what you did there, guys) and the moniker Mountain Joe. On a side note, sometimes I wish I was named something simple like Joe or Bob so I could easily add adjectives in front of my name – Mountain Joe, Sketchy Steve, Big Gay Bill. Maybe not that last one, on second thought, but the point is that I suck at nicknames.

3) Boombox

This short probably shouldn’t count as lesser known, since it has 35 million views on YouTube, but it wins extra points for its role as a public service announcement. If I hadn’t watched it, I’d be dead in a ditch somewhere, ignorant of the limits of a boombox.

Also, I love the redundancy of its opening line: “Imagine in your mind a posh country club,” and the inexplicably recurring boiled goose.

2) On The Ground

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For a while, whenever I was home from college and my mom asked me to do something, I’d tell her things like “I’m not part of this system!” and “I’m an adult!” And then, if said chore involved a utensil of some sort that could withstand a hard impact, I’d throw it on the ground. MY DAD’S NOT A PHONE!

1) Two Worlds Collide

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Fucking awesome. When I first watched this I had no idea what was going on. I wondered why the hell Kenan Thompson (one of my least favorite SNL cast members despite his Knucklepuck fame of yesteryear) was supposed to pass as Reba McIntire, and why on earth Andy was supposed to fall in love with him/her. But by the end you get it, and it’s amazing – everything from Kenan’s interjections (“Hangin” like my nuts!”…”And a penis!” to Kenan pulling Andy into the bathroom to the line “Ever since I came out my mama’s butt, I knew I was destined for greatness.” I’ve probably watched it at least a dozen times now, and I still think it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the Internet.


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