NYC Journal: Fighting A Pregnant Woman

By Zach

I moved from New Hampshire to New York City at the end of the summer with dreams of becoming a journalist and expanding my cultural horizons. Also, my girlfriend is from New York, and we’d been separated all summer. Long story short, I found myself getting a bit too excited about shampoo commercials and women powerwalking outside my house. It was time to reunite with the ol’ ball and chain.

Anyway, I’m here. And while I miss trees and mountains like Biggie’s girlfriend misses 2Pac, I like it so far in New York. It’s a cool, exciting, surprisingly navigable city.

That said, you see a lot of weird shit. After a long day of work a couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend and I decided to take in a movie – The Muppets, to be precise. We thought it’d be relaxing. So we hopped on the 2/3 train, headed a couple stops over into Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill, and strolled on over to the theater.

Outside, a drunk guy was screaming at a pregnant woman. From what I gathered, he had bumped into her, she pushed him, and he then decided that threatening to beat up a pregnant woman in a movie theater lobby was  a good idea. The woman’s friend was helpfully dropping more than a handful of F-bombs herself, which made me appreciate the situation all the more. Suffice to say this doesn’t happen in New Hampshire.

Anyway, confident that the police and/or the woman’s boyfriend (reportedly on his way) would show up and sort everything out, we headed up nine flights of escalators and took in the Muppets. Apart from when the movie was interrupted for about fifteen minutes while a woman had what appeared to be a seizure, it was quite enjoyable. I particularly liked the stern-looking bear who was Chris Cooper’s assistant.


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