Driven To Some French Techno Pop

By Anthony Martin

I watched Drive last night, a good movie that could have been great, though that’s for another post. The movie did get me into new tunes that I wouldn’t have expected. Like the title here suggests, they are, in fact, techno, pop and French. Three things I generally don’t listen to, but something, perhaps the aura of the film itself, got me into a few select tracks here. The beats build slowly and there’s limited vocals, but there is also a strong vibe that keeps you interested, and all hell breaks loose by the high point. The goose is good for a gander, even if it’s brief.

It makes me want to drive, fast, late night, with a girl in the passenger seat down deserted roads. Maybe thats just me trying to be cool as Gosling.  If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll obviously recognize Nightcall, from Kavinsky, as the opening track and main theme. (There are several solid remixes of this track out there, too.)

Also, something that I thought was cool: Kavinsky, according to his Spotify bio, is a zombie come back to life to perform his techno. He was killed in ’86 when he crashed his Testarossa. Not a bad way to go. Watch his origins below:

Then check out some of these tracks:

  1. Walking on a Dream –Empire of the Sun
  2. Swimming in the Flood — Passion Pit
  3. Maps — Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  4. Sweet Disposition — Temper Trap
  5. A Real Hero — College
  6. Under Your Spell — Desire
  7. Nightcall – Kavinsky

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