Occupy Miley Cyrus

By Anthony Martin

Many of you may know me for the infamous evening where I showed up to the “Formal of Dreams: A Hill News Event” with a young (but totally legal) Miley Cyrus on my arm. Well now, Miley and I meet again. This time she’s less clad in sparkling evening wear and more draped in awful auto-tune.

Miley has made an attempt to capitalize on the ant-capitalism movements that began as Occupy Wall Street here in New York. Not only was this girl born with the typical “silver spoon” — although Billy Ray may have been serving her a little too much Tennessee Whiskey in that silver spoon — she has also benefited immensely from selling over priced (terrible) music that was manufactured for pennies.

And to make matters worse, she cant even match the lyrical genius and breakneck party beats that kept us banging “Party in the USA” at full volume whenever we wanted people to know that we were, in fact, about to party in the USA.

This tragedy, something called a “RockMafia Liberty Walk,” is an unfortunate outcome of a tired and common mistake, young celebrities too often mistake their popularity for presence. Kanye West, too, made an interesting appearance, but he was sure to http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/10/10/idUS277321529320111010 wear his gold chains.

Miley may think of herself as an inspiration, but if this was her intention, I believe this is more a sell out. Any attempt by a celebrity, especially one in Miley’s position, to profit from the demonstrators undermines the core values. Not that profiting from anything is ever bad, don’t get me wrong, but doing so while attempting to make a “comment” isn’t the way to do either. Plus, Miley, your “RockMafia Liberty Walk” sounds more like a auto-tuned news report mashup gone horribly awry.


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