Welcome to Gator Don’t Play No Shit

As those of you with functioning scroll bars may have noticed, this is the first post on our new site, Gator Don’t Play No Shit. It’s going to be really cool. We’re gonna offer you jaw-dropping syntax, boner-inducing music jams to your ears’ content, the sharpest political analysis outside of the Daily Show writers’ room, and local news from that most smarmy of city boroughs, Brooklyn.

In short, we’re covering EVERYTHING. One of us works in advertising; the other works at the New York Times. One of us is moving in with his girlfriend and is thus being subjected to Bed Bath and Beyond and joint bank account jokes, while the other is an unabashed womanizer. We’re interested in everything from the Republican primary race to Lil Wayne’s ongoing downward spiral to the nation’s fascination with Tim Tebow.

And as you can see from the title of our blog, we quote movies profusely. If you don’t like that…well, it may sound harsh, but God does not want you to live.


One thought on “Welcome to Gator Don’t Play No Shit

  1. I’m so glad this exists.

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